Thank you for your interest in the Waco winery wine club.

By joining our club at any level you will get the following benefits.:

Club newsletter: It will cover what’s happening at our winery as well is information about the wine industry. It will have results of our tastings and cooking tips, including wine pairing ideas and recipes. We will even have information about other wineries. (Yes, we don’t mind promoting our competition)

This newsletter will be part of our new website but only available to club members. It will give you exclusive access to special discounts and special events.

Explorers Club: There is over 8000 wineries in the US today. We have begun to reach out to some of the smaller and lesser-known wineries and we will be hosting tastings of their wines at our winery. We believe this will give club members a great opportunity to discover new wines.  You’ll be able to purchase those wines through your club membership. (We are sorry, but we can’t apply your discount on these purchases)

Special events: It has taken much longer than we expected to get the winery ready for hosting events, but now, with our new tent and restrooms, we will be adding some great events to our calendar. Some of these will be exclusively for our wine club members.

New releases. We are working hard to expand our line of fine wines. As a club member, you will be the first to know and have access to our new releases. Some of these may be very limited in availability, but as a club member you will be given first opportunity to acquire these limited releases.

Special discounts: we believe club members should be rewarded with special discounts throughout the year.

Free tasting: As a club member will receive a number of free tastings. You can pass these on your friends or use them yourself.

Wine Club Level

Bronze: For those who are just discovering wines this is a good way to get started. At this level you will receive 6 bottles a year, available for pick up three times a year, 2 free wine tastings and a 5% discount on all purchases.

Silver: For those who want just a little more wine throughout the year, this is your level. 12 bottles a year, available for pick up three times a year, 4 free tastings and a 10% discount on all purchases.

Gold: For those of you who just seem to find yourself at the winery on a regular basis, this is your level. 24 bottles a year, available anytime for pick up, or 2 bottles every month, 12 free tastings and a 15% discount on all purchases.

Waco Winery Wine Club Enrollment


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Wine Club Level

Bronze: Two bottles, three times a year. 2 free
wine tastings, 5% discount

Silver: Four bottles three times a year, 4 free wine tastings. 10% Discount

Gold: Two bottles each month, 12 free wine tastings, 15% discount

We Like: Red, Sweet, Variety, White, Dry

I understand that I have 14 days to pick up my wine, or you may ship it to my home and I will be responsible for shipping costs.

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