6 vines – Family Vines



The Family Vines allows allows your family to become a true part of Waco Winery & Vineyards. With an annual fee, you will have the opportunity to assign each vine to family members. This membership comes with its’ own unique privileges and all of the wine produced from your vines. By joining this membership, community members support our vineyard’s growth and become part of the Waco name themselves.

Your 6 vines will be segregated and come harvest all the grapes that come off those vines will be turned into its very own vintage that is exclusive to the harvest from your vines!

  • 36 Bottles (375mil) Or Half A Case
  • Planting fee (one-time fee) 450
  • Annual Bottling & (due at time of shipment) $18.00 Per Bottle*
  • Ability to assign each vine to individual family members or friends

15 year guarantee

You will have a legacy that will guarantee you and your family at least 15 years. Vines have a significantly longer life than 15 years, and you have the ability to continue owning your vine for as long as you desire.

*covers the cost of nurturing, harvesting, making and bottling of wine


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6 vines – Family Vines